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The Rice Straw

Our edible rice straw products are produced from rice flour and tapioca starch on production lines to ensure food safety and hygiene compliance.

  • 100% Natural, organic, and biodegradable
  • Longer lasting than any eco-friendly alternative on the market
  • No artificial flavors or added preservatives
  • No foreign taste before or during use

    Rice starch, Tapioca starch, Salt, Vegetable oil, Natural coloring

    The product should be stored in a dry environment at room temperature. Avoid sunlight, insects, and rodents. Product shelf life is 24 months under recommended storage conditions.

    Customer Reviews

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    Made from Rice

    Made from rice, tapioca, and organic dyes, our rice straws are 100% natural and chemical free.

    Sog Resistant

    Our rice straws are made to last and retain their structural integrity for up to 3 hours.

    100% Biodegradable

    Our straws are truly earth-friendly and are guaranteed to biodegrade within 90 days.

    The Rice Straw